Treatment Providers

Do you have patients struggling to manage their healthcare needs? Do you feel confident they’re understanding your treatment recommendations clearly and complying? Are you concerned about their current living arrangements and whether or not they have the help and support necessary? Perhaps they have a pending treatment or procedure coming up and they’re scared, alone or overwhelmed. I can help.

“Nancy ensured the doctors in Virginia were communicating with the doctors in Los Angeles, and was instrumental in my patient’s return home. Nancy was indispensable.”

Client, Los Angeles, CA

Helping Your Patients Understand

NWK helps with treatment providers (imgae)

Having a Private Independent Patient Advocate will allow your patients the best possible chance of treatment compliance and help reduce mistakes and/or unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

I will:

  • Establish, facilitate and coordinate ongoing relationships with patient’s healthcare team and act as liaison between all parties.
  • Communicate regularly with all members of your patient’s healthcare team; family and/or caregivers to ensure all parties are well informed to increase optimum quality of care.
  • Ensure your patient fully understands their healthcare plan and are aware of all treatment options available to them.
  • Research and obtain all pertinent information to enable your patient to make well-informed decisions.
  • Help patient prepare for clinical appointments, hospital stays and accompany them when needed.