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I have been on both sides of medicine for more than 25 years—as a patient and as an advocate. I understand all too well the confusion, fear, isolation, and the feelings of being overwhelmed in a world I knew nothing about. As a patient advocate, I treat every client as I would my own family member. I support you and assist you through these difficult processes.

Doctors, nurses, and treatment providers have less and less time they are permitted to spend with each patient due to regulations by insurance providers. These professionals average approximately 8 – 15 minutes per patient. At the same time, doctors are paid less and less, which presses their need to schedule patients so closely together and reduce the time you are able to spend asking questions. Today, it’s likely you aren’t getting the care you feel you need. What’s more, tests, procedures, and prescriptions, may be recommended, but prove to be unnecessary—or sometimes a less-costly approach may work just as well.

The benefits of a patient advocate to patients and family is rooted in peace of mind—especially you regain control and are able to make decisions on your own. Many doctors and treatment providers are relieved when you as the patient have a private patient advocate. This allows your medical providers to focus on your care. They will spend less time re-explaining or reiterating information and instructions knowing the advocate is listening and will help you with more detailed explanations outside the appointment. In fact, many medical professionals are now recommending patients engage a Private Patient Advocate to ensure compliance and reduce risks of further complications, re-admissions to hospitals, and the like.

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